Round Neck Shirt Long Sleeves

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The Round Neck Shirt for men belong to the DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing line for the wellness of the skin,  made with medical grade pure silk fibroin yarn. Thanks to the natural composition, (silk fibroin is the noblest part of silk and it has a protein structure similar to our skin) they can be used on sensitive, allergic, and hyperreactive skin. They act like a 'second skin' in a simple and natural way, protecting the skin barrier when it's altered and supporting balance and functions.

Clinical studies have shown that using Dermasilk clothing reduces the use of cortisone and the frequence of relapse in Atopic Dermatitis and other cutaneous inflammatory pathologies.

Recommended for:

Eczema/Atopic Dermatitis, Contact Dermatitis, Mycosis, Acne, dry, sensitive and inflamed skin.
Ideal as underwear during day or night, they're recommended for people prone to excessive sweating, since they allow skin transpiration and  remain dry.
Useful for people practicing sport and for people looking for hygene and freshness in their clothes, thanks to the high transpiration, the thermoregulating ability and the permanent antimicrobic protection.

Price € 140,00

Alpretec products are distributed in many Countries through Official Distributors (check the list here). In some of these countries DermaSilk is totally or partially reimbursed by the National Health System or Insurance Companies.

If you come from a Country not in the list you will be supplied directly by us at Italian retail price. Please contact us for requests, orders and information about shipping costs. We will reply to you at soonest.